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Job well done!

Following a review of our insurance program, performed by Broxio we were able to identify gaps which did not address entirely our existing needs. Broxio provide us different approaches clearly identifying the pros and cons of all the options. We were very professionally guided along the entire process and finally we were able to find a solution which clicks all the boxes. Job well done!

Polina Kasaboneva
CFO, Gtmhub

Strongly recommend!

Working with Broxio, namely Stilian was a great experience. We needed Cyber and Professional Liability insurance as we have clients all over the world many of which require these covers. In a matter of just few days we managed to finalise everything and receive the final documents. During the entire process it never felt like I am losing my time. On the contrary I was professionally and very competently advised. Strongly recommend!

Dimitar Karaivanov
CEO, Kanbanize

Well manged process

We were looking to find a Professional Liability and Cyber insurance and Broxio exceeded our expectations. Their professional expertise, understanding of our business specifics, and the IT industry was important in defining our insurance needs and finding appropriate solutions. The detailed analysis of our use cases was performed in a very professional manner and the outcome met entirely our needs. 

Oleg Ivanov
Co-founder, QaiWare

Tailored insurance

Broxio managed to get us a tailored insurance solution that fits our specific needs. The team is very responsive and professional and will go the extra mile to provide you with a great service.
Konstantin Dzengozov
CFO, Payhawk

Highly recommend Broxio

We have worked with Broxio for more than two years now and for that time the team has provided great professional services to Dreamix. They are very responsive and proactive when it comes to communication with our clients and operational matters. The fact that we work with them gives us the confidence that we always rely on an expert who will support us with the right information, and provide best possible solution, so we can focus on our delivery. Highly recommend Broxio.

Valeria Kozareva BDM, Dreamix

Competitive pricing and service

Working with Broxio and the team is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their knowledge of insurance and our business, competitive pricing and excellent service make insurance look easy. It is satisfying to have a partner who actually do what they say they will! Strong recommendation!
Asparuh Vassilev Co-founder, Cashwave

Case studies

Check the impact that we made for others!

Gap in the cover

Our client, a Tech Product company which moved the Headquarters to the USA has arranged a Professional liability and Cyber insurance in the States. The intention was to cover all entities across different geographic locations including United Kingdom and Bulgaria. However, following a review of their existing insurance program it appeared that 80% of the business does not fall within the coverage provided by the program as entities outside USA were just partly insured.

We have reviewed in detail the entire insurance program of the Client and produced a full Gap Analysis Report.

Following the review and suggested actions we have facilitated and handled the entire process to finally restructure the placement to reflect our Client’s needs.

Provided cover for the 80% of the business that was not insured adequately previously

Revision of client contract

Our client, a Tech company was negotiating with a prospect in the USA who requested to include them as an additional insured party under the Professional Liability policy. This could have potentially put at risk the cover of the Client towards this prospect. Including them as an additional insured party would have voided the cover of the policy for work performed for this client.

We have reviewed in detail the requirement of the partner to address the reasons for the request.

Following the review, we have negotiated with the Prospect a workable solution that protected our Client’s best interest.

The Client is still able to use the policy in case of claim of the Prospect for any Professional liability related claims.
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