The right solution for your insurance needs – we will define your needs and structure an insurance program that fits best. Often insuring your professional or cyber liability is a requirement from your clients. 

Professional Liability Insurance (PI)

In IT professional services to clients the stakes could be very high. A small error or omission which causes financial loss to your client could cost you a lot of money. Often clients within Europe or USA/Canada requires insurance against those risks.

You may be held liable by a client and sue you for the losses. If you don’t have the correct business insurance coverage, you’ll have to foot the legal expenses on your own. This could be the difference between staying in business or going into bankruptcy.

Cyber insurance

IT sector is the second most prone to cyber-attacks. The average costs of data breach for the sector is in excess of USD 5 mln. To protect your business’s reputation and bottom line, you should consider cyber liability coverage. 

A cyber policy should address risks like ransom payments, fines and proactive forensic services. The costs stack up quickly and you start paying the moment you suspect there is a data breach. While all companies are prone to cyber-attacks, small and medium enterprises are even more vulnerable as the pressure on their cashflow and reputation may have a fatal outcome.


Professional and Cyber Liability at a glance

  • Error or Omission
  • Data breach – private or corporate
  • Fraud by Employees
  • Infringement & Defamation
  • Internet Liability
  • Defense Costs
  • Data Admin investigations costs
  • Data Administrative fines
  • Pro-active forensics services
  • Repair reputation
  • Data subject notification costs
  • Electronic data recreation costs
  • Multi-Media liability
  • Data Extortion costs
  • Network Interruption – cyber event witch leads to loss of revenue






Error or Omission 
Data breach – private or corporate  
Fraud by Employees  
Infringement & Defamation  
Internet Liability  
Defense Costs 
Data Admin investigations costs 
Data Administrative fines 
Pro-active forensics services 
Repair reputationOptional
Data subject notification costsOptional
Electronic data recreation costsOptional
Multi-Media liabilityOptional
Data Extortion costsOptional
Network Interruption – cyber event witch leads to loss of revenueOptional

Claim Examples

There could be various reasons for a client to file a claim against you!

Privacy Breach

Breach of data privacy

An employee at an engineering firm found a way through his company’s network security defences and gained access to a customer’s trade secret. The employee sold the trade secret to a competitor. The customer sued the engineering firm for the failure to protect the trade secret and was awarded for damages. The customer received over $500,000.

Virus transmission

Network Security

An employee inadvertently downloaded a destructive computer virus onto the company’s network, resulting in widespread data loss and transmission of the virus to a client’s computer network. The client sued the company, contending it should have prevented transmission of the virus. Damages of $750,000 were sought for the lost data and economic loss caused by the network security breach.

Breach of duty

Lost data

A company contracted a software developer to design and implement a solution to automate their business activities. A customised solution was developed and installed. All the company’s records were transferred to the system. A week after going live the system crashed and it was revealed the developer had not properly installed a back up for the data transferred to the system. As a result, the company’s client information, billing records and other account details were lost. The company sued for damages in excess of $500,000 for breach of contract, negligence and consequential loss together with the cost of installing a replacement system.

Breach of duty

Software developer – failure to deliver

A software developer sold timekeeping software to a company. After removing all previous timekeeping clocks and installing the software, the customer discovered it did not function properly. It failed to correctly apply the hourly and overtime rate of pay resulting in over and underpaid employees and the need to replace the original time clocks. The company sued the provider of the software for damages and expenses resulting in $550,000 loss.


Sector knowledge

We combine our deep knowledge in Insurance with an excellent understanding of the IT sector. We help you translate your needs into the insurer’s language.

Product understanding

Working with the insurance products to reflect your exact needs is what makes us special. We shall help you avoid misinterpreting policy terms and conditions. 

Process & experinece

We have established a way of working which will drive you through the process with minimum fuss. You shall be able to focus on the things which matter most to you.

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