Broxio in the media

Forbes Bulgaria

Have a look at the Forbes Bulgaria article to learn how Broxio evolved since 2017. You will have a quick look at some of the decisions taken, how we positioned ourselves, and what we try to provide to our clients! It was a bumpy road but worth it.

The Tech Sector Insurer

Vagabond magazine

Read through our article in Vagabond Magazine to learn how Cyber Insurance can protect you following Covid19 increased risk of data breach. The unprecedented change in the way we work and wide adoption of work from home or even work form anywhere policy lead to increased risk that companies are now facing. Addressing the impact of potential corporate or personal data breach is becoming essential. A proper Cyber insurance can offer protection when the worst happens.

Data Breach during Covid 19 pandemic

TV Evropa

Watch our Managing Partner’s interview at TV Evropa on how we can help you facilitate a tender for health insurance of your employees. You will also be able to understand some of the areas where insurance can evolve over the next years and how far are we behind compared to developed market.

Innovation in Insurance

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